We are up and running……

Many thanks for the support and help we have had from the local business community in allowing us to move forward to get this project up and running.

So where are we…..

Business directory/listing….

As we move ahead, we will be regularly updating the list of all businesses as we find them (or businesses contact us) and in the first instance, they will be listed on the Locations Section of our website under Business Sectors. As time develops, we will be breaking down the categories based on the SIC Codes that are used by Companies House and various other bodies.

With over 1000 categories plus variations, depending on whether you base the listings on 3, 4, or more digits breakdown! This is something we will look at see how beneficial this will be to your business needs long term. The breakdown will enable you/your business to find the local business you need to undertake the work you want.

Digital Reviews….

As we move forward, we will be offering Digital/Marketing reviews to establish where you are on the Digital spectrum and if you are doing things correctly or in the right places too with regards to your Digital Footprint.


We are looking at pulling all the available Grant Information together that will enable us to update you with on a regular basis, so if you are looking funding, we can have the latest information at hand for you.

These will be whether the Grants are available from Central Government, Government Departments, Government funded bodies, Warwickshire County Council, Nuneaton and Bedworth Borough Council, West Midlands Combined Authority, CWLEP, CW Growth Hub, Coventry University, University of Warwick etc – as afterall, this will be time consuming for us, so imagine what it will be like for your company? So, if we can pull all this together, we will save you time and let you carry on with running your business.


We are already looking at a range of events taking place each month, we just need to find a suitable venue together with potential sponsors to cover the costs – as it would be nice to find sponsors to cover of the venue (if we have to hire one), drinks and maybe a light buffet instead of charging members.

These events will cover a range of different topics, but will be aimed at making sure we are the area that businesses want to come and buy from us all. We are wanting to make BaE an area of talent and expertise.


This is something that we are still looking as many members are saying they would be happy to pay to be a member as they can see the benefit in being part of group that actually works for them. Too many associations/groups and networking groups say they will provide/offer a range of services that are never applicable to them or ever really contact them again until the membership is needed to be renewed. So hence, some members are saying that they won’t pay as in the past, they have been promised the earth but nothing is delivered! We need to make sure this is not the case for the BaE Business Group and it delivers what businesses really want.

Thus, yes there will be charges, but at what point and for what, is currently being discussed with various members to see if we can establish the right price point.

Many groups/organisations are charging between £0.50 and £10.00 a day over 12 months as a cost of membership plus event charges too but do they really deliver what they say they will. Hence we want to make sure that the membership costs will actually provide a service that deliver what all members (both free and paying) want, require, need, etc.


We are looking to see whether we should be doing a survey weekly, fortnightly or monthly to enable us to feed the results into organisations to make sure that members voices are being heard. We want to make sure that this actually does happen and is a great success.

To give an example, when we have spoken to a range of Councils across the UK over the last five years, the annual Business Survey has migrated from postal to email but the response rate has dropped. Many Councils are saying if they get above 5% it’s good and if they get passed 10% response level, its great!

We do hope that we can break these figures and be actually use these figures to make a difference.


We will be undertaking a range of meetings on the members behalf to give feedback to these people as to what members concerns are. Already we are hearing the same common complaints – Car Parking, Security, Rubbish Collection – and thus, we need to see what can be done.

We have already had a meeting with Local Councillors and County Councillors which has been informative and we will be following up on the outcomes, whilst giving feedback/updates in newsletters to come.


As you can see we are up and running will be keeping you updated as we progress. If possible, please do follow us on:-

Facebook – Bedworth and Exhall Business Group

Instagram – @bae_businessgroup

LinkedIn – Bedworth and Exhall Business Group

Twitter – @BaEBizGroup

Or drop us a line/contact us at:-

Email – website@bae-businessgroup.co.uk

Messenger ( Facebook ) – Bedworth and Exhall Business Group

Many thanks for support and encouragement and look forward to make BaE the area to come to for Business…..and if you any comments or feedback, please complete the feedback form below:-


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