Members update……

As part of keeping everyone updated, we are aiming to provide regular updates as to what we are doing for BaE. So what have we being up to….

  • We’ve updated the location settings by breaking BaE into two main areas, followed by breaking Bedworth down into two separate areas whilst Exhall is broken down into four areas with one broken further down into nine areas.
  • We are currently looking at creating a logo for “BaE Business Group” and just wondering how to do this. Speaking to some of the members, a common theme idea is wait until next month for the schools to come back. Once the schools are back in September, ask them if they would like to get their pupils to design a logo
  • All businesses with a physical premise is automatically given an Associate Membership status. This was deemed to be fair as with having business premises, it shows that they are clearly an easily verifiable business
  • Every business is listed in alphabetical order based on their area. The next stage will be to start creating the SIC category
  • Currently speaking to range of individuals, companies and organisations with regards to events. We are aiming to start these events in September 2018
  • We are looking at a range of venues to host these events, plus also speaking to companies to sponsor some of these events to enable members to attend events free of charge
  • Aiming to launch the Business Directory around the end Q3/start of Q4 of 2018 subject to sponsorship
  • Following discussions with various businesses, August maybe a bad month to have launch/introduction event due to the holidays, therefore, we are hoping to do something the first/second week of September with maybe the event on a Tuesday around 6pm
  • Following some requests from Associate Members, we are looking at premises sooner than planned, due to certain requests being made to us
  • We will be ramping up our referral services too. As an example we have made around 12 referrals during July. So with 22 working days in July, that’s virtually one every two days
  • We will be starting to look at setting up our Job and Property services pages

We do hope that these updates informing of what we are doing, enables you to see we are here to help your business and show that BaE Business Group is being very proactive.


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