About BAE

Over the last few decades, there has been a Bedworth Chamber of Trade, Bedworth Chamber of Commerce and The Hub, all have which have disappeared and yet missed by the local Bedworth Business Community.

BaE Business Group was planned during research during the first half of 2018, and following informal discussions with various businesses, it soon became apparent that businesses felt excluded by the local councils and business groups/organisations.

Yet these businesses needed help and support but didn’t know what to do or who to go to – let alone have the time to do this whilst running their own businesses.

Therefore, BaE Business Group has been set up to be a voice for the Business Community and be a focal point for communicating with the Local Council, County Council, Regional Mayor and various Government Bodies.

The ethos is to provide a Community Hub for the Business Community providing a range of Business Services, that’s located within the areas of Bedworth and Exhall – irrespective of size.

Therefore, during the month of July 2018, by visiting the businesses in Bedworth and Exhall, business locations and businesses were located and have been placed into location database. (As more businesses are discovered, they will be added to this database).

Currently, the businesses that are listed, are businesses with a physical location that both members of the Public and fellow businesses can visit.

Later after we have a completed getting all businesses listed on this site, we will be looking to add businesses that are based at their owners home and where the business owners are prepared to have their address published, they will be included on the database.

Subject to successful applications being made and facilities being secured, it is our aim long term, to create a Bedworth Business Centre to provide focal point for the Business Community.

When this location is secured, we will be looking to add businesses that would like an address facility away from their home, as many people want to set up a business but don’t want to publish their home address or require a facility to receive post and parcels/deliveries at.

The BaE Business Group was launched on the 1st August 2018 across various platforms (which can be seen here) and looks forward to help the businesses across Bedworth and Exhall whilst also looking to attract new businesses to the area too.